Management Interfaces
The network managemenet interfaces are for SORBS staff and other priveleged users only.

To get access users may request access to the managers if they are staff of ISPs or large network/hosting companiess providing services to their users. Marketting companies and ESPs will NOT be given access, so please do not waste your time asking.

Management interfaces available:

  • USER MANAGER - This is for managing who can administer your networks and their permissions.
  • NET MANAGER - This is for managing your network usage assignments (eg DUHL) and thier listing statuses
  • REPORT MANAGER - This is for managing the reports that are sent to you when new listings occur
  • DNS MANAGER - This is for people hosting their DNS on the SORBS services

These interface links can be added to your menus by selecting the appropriate option in the menu preferences interface.

Management Documentation
To gain access to the management interfaces you must fill out and fax back the SORBS Management Access Agreement

You MUST> then send the filled in and signed forms to:

Attn: SORBS Net Manager Program
Proofpoint Inc
892 Ross Drive
CA 94098
If you are unable to FAX for any reason you may just post or courier the documents to us. We do NOT accept scans or emails due to risk of forgery.

For first time users of the Netmanager interface there is a basic overview/guide available. Please review the Management Interface User Guide if you are a first time user of the systems.

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